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Collection of Trophies

Prizes & Rules

You will find the most important information about the contest prizes, rules and all the terms & conditions


Contest rules


Artist must be 18 years or older. 


Artwork must be an original work of the submitting artist and must be painting, drawing or mixed media (No photography and sculptures are currently allowed as a contest entry)


The artwork must adhere to the published theme / subject for the contest


It is a paid contest. The jury will evaluate only those artworks for which contest fees is paid 


Contest is based out of Switzerland and is open to all artists worldwide

Other Important Terms & Conditions


Entry Fees

Entry fees must be paid for each entry to qualify for an assessment for a contest. The entry fee is non-refundable. Any additional tax may vary by your country of residence and will be charged separately, where applicable.


Prize Receipt

All cash prizes are paid out to the winners within ten (10) working days after prize notification and confirmation of payment preference (Paypal / Bank Transfer). Prizes are non-transferrable. Any and all prize-related expenses, including without limitation any and all federal, state, and/or local taxes, bank or fund transfer charges, shall be the sole responsibility of the Winner.


Jury Decision

The decision of the jury is final and definitive. The submitting artist does not have the right to contest or appeal against the decision on any ground.



All rights of the submitted work must reside with the participating artist. Progressus Art Awards (PAA) or its partners, founders or affiliates bear no responsibility or liability for any copyright infringement for the submitted entry. Artists retain full copyrights of their submitted artworks. Winners and finalists agree to give permission to PAW for promotion and marketing for their submitted artworks, with credit to the artist.



Winners are free to showcase the award certificate and mention (interviews/ showcase) on their personal websites and social handles.


  1. Artist must be 18 years or older

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