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Winner's Interview - Natalia Schaefer

Updated: May 6

Please introduce yourself as an artist?

Being creative has fascinated and inspired me since I was a child. It has become my passionate calling. I love putting different aspects of our being on canvas and reminding the viewer how beautiful our existence is, embraced by nature, different cultures and relationships on all levels. I work in a variety of styles and experiment with different materials. Spirituality plays a big part in my life, so it has a special place in my mandala art. I often like to immerse myself in the abstract and enjoy playing with forms of expression and materials. It gives me a good balance between meditative painting and the experimental, abstract work that I love.

What is your medium and why did you choose it?

I absolutely love playing and experimenting with all kinds of materials, constantly exploring new techniques. My palette is really diverse, ranging from real gold to recycled fabrics.

For this specific artwork, I used concrete, acrylic crayon, pastels, and oil. I chose these mediums intuitively, drawn to their unique textures and qualities. I felt that this would really help me express the vision.

What was the inspiration behind this artwork?

The inspiration behind this work was the incredible awakening of spring, where the first flowers emerge and create a vibrant tapestry in the fields.

Who is your favourite artist? Why? 

I'm a huge fan of black and white photography, and two photographers whose work I deeply admire are Terry O'Neill and David Yarrow. Their ability to capture raw emotion and powerful moments in monochrome is truly captivating. 

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