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Contest 2 - Winner's Interview - Bernhard Sulser

Artist Bio in brief

Bernhard Sulser uses oil paints and canvases as the starting point for his art, beginning with sketchy ideas. By skillfully combining different motifs in a stylish way, he gives his works a profound emotional intensity. His artworks are not only a tribute to the inspiring, but also evoke positive emotions and open doors to enchanted worlds. His paintings contain elements of nature and the animal world, which merge with vibrant colors. His technique is characterized by a masterful command of the play of colors, enabling him to create dynamic and vibrant compositions. Each of his creations tells its own story and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a dream world in which fantasy and reality merge. Bernhard Sulser attaches great importance to attention to detail and expressiveness, which makes his works particularly fascinating and unique.

What was the inspiration behind this work?

The inspiration behind this work came from the beauty and vibrant colors of Siamese fighting fish. I wanted to capture their elegance and grace in an underwater scene, contrasting their usual aggressive nature with a peaceful, harmonious setting in the deep blue sea. This juxtaposition highlights the complexity and tranquility of marine life.

What has contributed to your growth as an artist?

As an artist, I strive to create scenes with enchanting colors and vibrant motifs that transport me to a dreamlike world where I can immerse myself and evoke a wave of positive emotions.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plans as an artist involve sharing joy through my work and breaking free from the everyday routine. I aim to develop my skills and refine my unique style. By exhibiting in local galleries and participating in art markets, I hope to make my art accessible to a wider audience. Art allows me to transcend the mundane and bring joy and creativity into the lives of others.

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