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Contest 2 - Winner's Interview - Judit Mikol

Please introduce yourself as an artist?

In 1980, I migrated to Australia from Hungary, where I swiftly made my mark in the local art scene. Renowned for my creative techniques in watercolor painting, I won the hearts of audiences and judges alike. I was fortunate enough to have my artworks grace collections and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. After a long break from art to devote time to my family, I am looking forward to showcasing my works around the world again and stepping back into the art world.

My paintings are inherently narrative, stemming from the depths of my soul. Each piece tells profound stories of expressionism, often intertwined with themes of spiritualism and philosophical musings. My artworks are not mere creations but manifestations of my innermost desires. Many concepts gestate within my mind for months before the first brushstrokes grace the canvas. They are invitations for introspection, urging viewers to delve into their own emotions, thoughts, and expressions. I hope that you will embark on this profound journey with me, pondering the depths of existence and the human experience.

What was the inspiration behind this work?

Inspired by the majestic title of the 'king of the animals,' I painted this lion cub adorned in a richly embroidered hooded robe. This symbolizes that, just as in the human world, in the animal kingdom too, destiny can be evident from a young age. The opulent garment signifies its noble heritage. The tender yet powerful gaze of this beautiful creature tells the story behind the artwork.

What has contributed to your growth as an artist?

Growing up in an artistic family has been instrumental in my development as an artist. I was fortunate to receive support and guidance from an early age, which nurtured my passion for art. My uncle, Nandor Mikola, has been a key influence, inspiring me and shaping my artistic journey. Experimenting with different mediums has broadened my understanding of art and allowed me to discover new aspects of my creativity. My growth is also fueled by my heartfelt inspiration and a deep desire to spread love and joy through my artwork. Creating art serves as a therapeutic process, helping me release and express my innermost emotions.

What is your view on technology (e.g. Generative AI, Digital Arts) and the way it is influencing the evolution of arts?

Despite the criticism that technology in art often encounters, I see it as a valuable asset for expanding our creative boundaries. Before the advent of generative AI, my creative process involved extensive research and the creation of montages from diverse images to inspire my work. Generative AI has revolutionized this process, enabling me to conceptualize and refine my ideas more effectively. My work with photography has also benefited greatly from technological advancements, allowing for a continuous cycle of editing, printing, and painting to perfect my art. While technology has undoubtedly broadened my creative horizons, I believe that the true essence of art resides in the human spirit and its beautiful imperfections.

Do you have any other comments to share with our audience?

Thank you for creating this competition and opening more doors to artists to showcase their work in new and exciting ways. I believe it will lead a positive change into the world of art if we can make showcasing our work more accessible.

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