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Contest 2 - Winner's Interview - Julia Hoffmann

Please introduce yourself as an artist.

I find great joy in expressing myself in the world throughout color and sound. I paint and make music and constantly have new ideas in my head for pictures or music that still needs to be written, so I usually work on many things at the same time. What exactly comes into focus depends heavily on my mood and also on how I slept, because I dream a lot and very intensely, so my dreams often influence my work.  I love the process of creating something new, of pushing boundaries and to get lured out of my comfort zone by upcoming ideas in a very playful and beautiful way because the realization of new ideas put me in a very intense state of resonance with life. So my artwork is strongly influenced by the emotions that I have when I created and formed within the process.

What is your medium and why did you choose it?

My artwork is painted with acrylic colors on wood and contains partial grains of sand, to strengthen the connection of elements in the artwork itself. For me, it represents the wholeness and connectedness of elements and beings and the change and transience that everything is subject to.

What was the inspiration behind this work?

The artwork is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, it´s effervescent energy and constantly changing colors, blurring the transition between ocean and horizon.

Who is your favorite artist? Why?

I greatly admire a lot of different artists, but for me nothing is more inspiring than nature. So nature is my favorite artist and teacher. Because when I'm surrounded by nature, I find great peace and contentment, and it's very easy for me to resonate with my surroundings. It teaches me to appreciate our wonderful planet and life, to take a close look at even the smallest things and the beauty within them, and it allows me to reconnect with myself and to discover new aspects of myself and to grow.

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