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Contest 2 - Winner's Interview - Victoria Coiana

You have won in the previous edition of PAA as well. What motivated you to participate in the contest again?

I find these proposals stimulating: A theme is like a challenge... and I like that.

What was the inspiration behind this work?

It’s still nature...

I like to walk alone or with my partner to discover places and I then share them in my watercolors

What has contributed to your growth as an artist?

I don’t really know where I stand with “artistic growth” yet.

I remain attentive to the various possibilities of sharing my art through exhibitions or competitions like yours. I also participate in group exhibitions and being around other artists allows me to grow in my career.

What is your view on technology (Generative AI, Digital Arts) and the way it is influencing the evolution of arts?

Artificial intelligence in the arts creates a feeling of unease in me. Where the human part of the artist begins and ends. It seems to me that being an artist is sharing a little of oneself and one's emotions, a little of one's feelings, it is a sharing of empathy to help others to look at what is beautiful and positive, it is to convey hope...

Even if artificial intelligence can do and “copy” many things, what should we think of what it will transmit to us? Artificial feelings and things?

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